Grassroots deliver an outstanding level of service with excellent response times. Solutions driven, the team clearly have a real understanding of the challenges facing a breed society in the 21st century. Grassroots is more than a service provider, they are an extension of the Society and an integral part of our business.

-- Robin McIlrath, Chief Executive, Suffolk Sheep Society

Great service, great software and a real understanding of the needs of pedigree breeders are what Grassroots is all about.

As a member of the Defra Farm Animal Genetic Resources (FAnGR) Committee that Grassroots has played a key role in establishing our National Breed Inventory which provides the foundation for the Government’s Breeds at Risk policy. 

-- Marcus Bates, member FAnGR committee

Grassroots does it all - an easy-to-use pedigree registry that allows me to produce detailed physical and financial reports for my Trustees. Nearly all Longhorn pedigree registrations are done online by the breeders. The dynamic nature of a small development and support team means improvements are being made all the time to keep up with industry and legislative changes. In short it makes my job so much easier!

-- Debbie Dann, Breed Secretary, Longhorn Cattle Society

After Grassroots presented their system to the BPA Council in 2002 I was asked to choose between a new company car or the new software. I can safely say that choosing to work with Grassroots was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Our partnership with the Grassroots team has been instrumental in taking the British Pig Association from a membership of around 200 to over 1000 today and has helped to secure the future of the native pig breeds we record.

-- Marcus Bates, CEO, British Pig Association

For over 20 years Grassroots has played a key role in establishing full pedigree databases for RBST breeds which has helped ensure that no UK breed has been lost since RBST was formed in 1973.  Grassroots make it possible to carry out population genetic health checks, suggesting breeding programmes, identifying males for AI collection and collating the annual figures for the RBST and FAnGR watch lists.

-- Gail Sprake, Chairman, RBST Trustees

As a Equine Passport Issuing Organisation (PIO) I find the Grassroots database invaluable. The system is so easy to work and saves so much time. It’s like having an extra person in the office, making sure all the questions are asked that need to be answered.

-- Dawn Hicketts, Breed Secretary, Hackney Horse Society

Grassroots Pedigree Software Solutions

Established in 1997 we provide specialist computer software to over 140 Pedigree Breed Societies of Sheep, Cattle, Pigs, Goats, Horses, Donkeys and Camelids as well as a number of Membership Organisations.