For Farmers

Grassroots makes it easy for breeders and owners to access pedigree information, and manage their own flock or herd details online or via a mobile App.

Use the 'Grassroots Breeds' button below to find a full list of Grassroots breeds with links to their websites and Grassroots Online Registries.

Click on the button to learn about the mobile App and download it onto your phone.

Click on Online Registry for information, User Guide and ‘How To’ Videos.

Grassroots Online Registries - Visitors to the Grassroots Online Registries can search the database for animals, view their pedigree, progeny and other details.  Some breeds allow ‘open access’ others only allow member access. 

Members can also ‘Manage Their Animal’ records and apply to register births, transfer registered ownership, report deaths or sales for meat, do show or sale entries, issue service certificates, flag animals available for sale or apply for DNA tests.  They can also ‘Check Mate’ potential matings for close relatives.

Click on the Grassroots Breeds button below for a full list of Grassroots breeds, with  links to their society website and Grassroots Online Registry.

Mobile App - An App for use on your phone or tablet is now available to download from the Google Play store or Apple Appstore.  Synchs with all the animals you own of all Grassroots breeds.  All your animal records ‘in your pocket’.

Online Registry – click on the button for more details, a five minute introductory video and the option to download a user guide.