For Farmers

Grassroots makes it easy for farmers to access the pedigree information about their breed and manage their own flock or herd details online. Use the 'Grassroots Breeds' button below to find a full list of the breeds which use Grassroots along with links to the breed society websites and Grassroots online registries. Click on the 'How to Manual' to view or download a pdf manual and learn more about how to use our online reistry. Click on the Melton Mowbray Show and Sale button to learn about this event and do your entries during the summer, or click on the button to download the App (coming soon).

Grassroots online registries - Visitors to the Grassroots online registries can search the database for animals and view their pedigree, progeny and other details.  For some breeds you will need to be a member of the relevant breed society, for others this information is ‘open access’. Click on the Grassroots breeds button below for a full list of those breeds and links to their society website and Grassroots online registry.

Members of each breed society can also ‘Manage their flock or herd’ and apply to register births, transfer registered ownership, report deaths or sales for meat, do show or sale entries, issue service certificates, flag animals available for sale or apply for DNA tests.

How to use the online registry - click on the link below to download a general ‘manual’ on how to use the online registry.  Your own breed society may have a modified version of this specifically for your breed which you will find on your breed society website.

Melton Mowbray - Native and Traditional Native Breeds Show and Sale – click on the link to find out more about this event, see reports of previous year's show results and sale prices. During the summer download a schedule and do your entries online.

Mobile App - A downloadable App for use on your phone or tablet is under development.

In the meantime, click on the button below to see a full list of breeds that use Grassroots and click on the links to access the online registry and 'manage your flock or herd'.