Grassroots Privacy Policy (April 2022)

Grassroots takes data security and privacy very seriously. To view our full Privacy Policy please click on the grey bar below.

  1. Grassroots Systems Ltd provides:
    • Software for Breed Societies and other organisations to manage their registry and membership data (This is Customer data). This software sits on the Society computer.
    • An Agency service for the management of registry and membership data on behalf of The Rare Breed Survival Trust (Combined Flock Book), British Alpaca Society, Blue Texel Sheep Society, Jacob Sheep Society, Charmoise Sheep Society, Valais Blacknose Society, Exmoor Pony Society and Bagot Goat Society¬† (This is Agency data). This software sits on password protected computers in the Grassroots Systems Ltd offices.
    • An interactive online registry system previously called PedeWeb and now called Grassroots Online. This is populated with a subset of the information held by each organisation.
  2. Personal data held in the software may include: name, address, contact numbers, email address, parish holding number, ministry tag number of members and other people associated with this organisation.
  3. Backup Data held in the Grassroots System software is backed up into encrypted password protected zipped files.
  4. Data may be shared with Grassroots Systems Ltd for the following purposes:
    • To provide estimates for data manipulation projects
    • To provide software support and assistance
    • To carry out bulk manipulation of the data
    • To assist with the production of Flock, Herd or Stud Books
    • To assist with the production of Show or Sale catalogues
    • To carry out specialist analysis or reporting for the Breed Society
    • To provide offsite backup storage for the encrypted backup files
    • To provide agency management services as required by the Society
  5. Data is stored securely.
  6. Data will not be shared with any third party or used for any purpose other than those required by the Breed Society under the terms and conditions stipulated by the Breed Society.
  7. All data will be permanently deleted on request.
  8. On termination of contract, data will be deleted from the Grassroots computers within three months of termination.
  9. Grassroots Online ( previously known as PedeWeb) - Breeds using the Grassroots Online Registry upload additions, deletions and changes to the data once these changes have been process.
  10. The only contact details visible in the Grassroots Online Registry will be for members who have given permission for their data to be included onto the site. No other personal data will be visible. The Grassroots Systems Ltd databases are held on a Grassroots Systems Ltd Azure database.